Current research and creation

Current research and creation re-dance received the Projektstipendium (3b Phase) funding from Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst for a research and creation period for the project titled: Positionierung des "Ich" zwischen Tanz und Mutterschaft bzw....

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“M(e)&M(other)” – Dance film

“M(e)&M(other)” – Dance film Choreography, concept: Raimonda Gudaviciute Dramaturgie, Concept: Ingrida Gerbutavičiūttė Tanz: Raimonda Gudavičiute, Elias Haun Movie: Sebastian Heindorff Assistance: Laura Ellinghoven Graphic design:...

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Interview Series

Interview Series As part of Katelyn’s Dachverband Tanz Deutschland DIS-TANZ-SOLO funded project, “Listening as an artistic process: motherhood, dance and making knowledge explicit,” she interviewed four dance artists who are mothers: Lillian Stillwell, Nina Wollny,...

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Contributions to the community

Contributions to the community Katelyn will look over the English subtitles for Raimonda Gudaviciute’s new dance film production: M(e)&M(other) Dance film “Being an artist and mother is not a fixed identity.” Joanna Sokolowski What if motherhood would become a...

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Kitchen Meeting ID_Frankfurt #1

Kitchen Meeting ID_Frankfurt #1 17.09.2020_12-14 h Our first re-dance meeting was made possible by donated space from ID_Frankfurt. Patscharaporn and Katelyn took the opportunity to meet with local parenting artists to share their vision for re-dance and get direct...

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