How do freelance dance artists who are parents unite having a professional artistic career and parenting? Is there a way to draw creative potential from the experience of parenting?

There is still a common conception that when dancers and in particular women have children they will put an end to their dance career. Now more and more dancers are having both but parenthood is still an undertone often invisible from professional experiences. re-dance strives to uplift parenting dancers’ perspectives as valuable to professional work in the dance field.

re-dance is an initiative of Katelyn Skelley and Patscharaporn Krüger-Distakul established in Frankfurt am Main in the beginning of 2020. Together we recognize the unique challenges that freelance dancers face in maintaining a career such as keeping an adaptable schedule, working many hours in a condensed period of time and not being rooted in one place. We recognize that youth and not having a family remains the norm in the field. We recognize that re-entering into the dance field after having children is extremely difficult and presents a new set of challenges. We recognize that supportive networks and working structures for dancer parents are lacking in the field and often parents rely on individual solutions.

re-dance was created to give professional dance artists with family who reside in and around Frankfurt an opportunity to build a network for exchange and collective solutions. Our aim is to organize and facilitate workshops, discussions, performance opportunities and continued research with and for the dance community. We believe that the knowledge gained from a life of dance and parenting does not have to be separate but can be a valuable contribution towards artistic fulfilment and success.



  • Generate mutual inspiration and exchanges on the topic of parenting and being a dance artist
  • Host workshops and events that provide continuing education specifically created for the needs of parenting dancers
  • Be a resource for dancers during the transitional periods of becoming a parent and returning to work in the field



  • Documenting the knowledge and experience that is gained through a life in the dance field and parenthood
  • Discuss and reflect on family friendly working structures